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As one of the leading local businesses in the Singapore area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

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Unlike the conventional cutting process, waterjet cutting prevents distortion of materials caused by expansion resulting from heat. This allows for a wider variety of materials to be cut to a closer tolerance with cleaner edge finishes.

An environmentally friendly way of cleaning with no chemicals or harsh solvents, no damages caused to the base substrate, removing deposits or coatings such as paint, epoxies, sealants, rust, etc. quickly. Clean both small and big items weighing tonnes utilising only clean cold water.

Rustic Tin

Asia Pacific Distributor for Gardner Denver Waterjetting Systems and Accessories which include;

  • Complete Gardner Denver range of water jetting equipment and accessories.

  • Waterjetting units offered up to 750HP and pressures up to 50000psi; flows of 7 to 193 GPM

  • Accessories on waterjetting guns, hoses, nozzles, tank-cleaners, unloaders, control, lances and automated tools & accessory systems

  • Rotary products using self-, air-, and hydraulically powered rotary devices. Tube, tank cleaners, spinning, nozzles for surface cleaning.


Providing a quick and reliable 24/7 delivery service, we'll meet your monthly or weekly delivery schedule, so you can assemble your products as you need them, all part of our continuous effort to provide the most flexible service package possible.

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